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The GeneFood Podcast

Jun 18, 2019

In the nutrition world, perhaps no other genetic marker has gained as much attention as MTHFR in the last few years. MTHFR "mutations" have been linked to a host of diseases including autism, breast cancer, and cardiovascular disease, but is there credible science supporting these associations? In this episode of the podcast, we bring in Gene Food's resident geneticist, Dr. Aaron Gardner, for a wide-ranging discussion on what to do if you find out you have an MTHFR variant. We touch on strategies for using B vitamin supplements, lab work that can clue you in on MTHFR function, dietary interventions, and what the best studies say about MTHFR. The episode also touches on other genetic markers such as APOE4 and whether a high fat diet is a good idea for carriers of this much-discussed genetic marker. At the end of the show, we get into omega-3 fatty acid metabolism and the histamine genes.