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The GeneFood Podcast

Jun 10, 2019

In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Dr. Joel Kahn, an integrative cardiologist with a practice in both Detroit and Atlanta. Dr. Kahn has become well known as an outspoken advocate of plant-based diets as a nutritional intervention for both preventing and reversing heart disease. Dr. Kahn has appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast as well as the popular Vegan documentary What the Health. He has also been featured several times on the Doctors as well as many other national television programs. In this episode, we cover a lot of interesting topics with Dr. Kahn, including:

  • The latest thinking on healthy fats
  • When we can expect the release of the next Vegan documentary, Game Changers
  • Ex-Vegans and Vegan YouTube culture
  • Vegan bodybuilding
  • Do Vegans have better sex?
  • Nutrient deficiencies on Vegan diets, especially Omega-3s
  • The most important labs for measuring heart health and more