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The GeneFood Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

If you follow nutrition trends, you know "fat is back." Arguing that carbohydrates and sugar is at the root of all illness, an army of influencers want you to eat a diet higher in fat. While it is true that saturated fat has been improperly demonized, the one size fits all approach to nutrition doesn't work for all of us. Studies like Retterstøl teach us that the response to a high fat diet will vary tremendously based on genetics and lifestyle factors. In the latest episode of the Gene Food Podcast, we talk to ultramarathon runner Gerald Holbrook. After receiving a Gene Food custom nutrition plan and learning he was an APOE4 carrier, Gerald changed his diet away from a high fat Paleo style diet to the Gene Food Lean Machine diet, which is a diet high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, but very low in saturated fats, especially from animal sources. As a carrier of the APOE4 gene, Gerald is particularly interested in maintaining his cognitive health and staving off Alzheimer's Disease. We discuss the way he was eating before finding Gene Food, how his diet changed, blood work before and after (Gerald's LDL-C dropped by over 100 points), and more generally how much of a struggle it can be to carve out a personalized health regimen in the face of so much pressure from different camps of influencers. This was a very fun episode to record, we hope you enjoy it!