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The GeneFood Podcast

Oct 17, 2019

Our favorite celebrity has gone Vegan, but should we? The answer is a resounding yes according to James Wilkes, a former UFC fighter who went plant based after suffering an injury in the Octagon. James tells his story of recovery using a strict plant based diet in the new documentary The Game Changers. Many of us have seen What the Health and Forks Over Knives, plant based documentaries that highlight the short term benefits of a Vegan diet for advanced stage chronic illness. The Game Changers adds a new wrinkle to the Vegan documentary game by focusing on athletes. Featuring big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger and members of the Tennessee Titans, The Game Changers has a simple message: go Vegan for optimal performance in the gym (as well as the bedroom). But is The Game Changers, and it's message of "Veganism for all" based in sound science? We brought back Dr. Aaron Gardner to break down the scientific claims made by the filmmakers as well as the pros and cons of Vegan diets in general.